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Komodo Habitat Dual Gauge
Komodo Habitat Dual Dial Thermometer and Humidity Gauges are designed to help you quickly and easily measure and monitor the temperature and humidity in your reptiles home.

Humidity is important for keeping your reptile or amphibian healthy and most shedding problems with reptiles are linked to incorrect humidity levels. Using a Komodo hygrometer will help you maintain a healthy humidity level for your pet with its large easy to read display. Monitoring the temperature is also important to ensure you are creating the perfect environment for your pet to thrive in.

The Komodo dual dial thermometer - hygrometers easily install inside your vivarium or terrarium (analogue readers like this one need to be placed inside where you want to measure the conditions), they will still work in humid environments due to their fog resistant seal. No batteries or external power is required, simply stick inside your enclosure with the sticky back pad included. The dual nature of the Komodo dual gauge makes it a great space saver in small terrariums or vivariums.

As a temperature gradient is usually required by reptiles it is a good idea to have the Dual Komodo Dial at one end of your enclosure and a regular thermometer dial at the other end of the temperature range.
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