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Lucky Reptile Thermo Strip 30W 1150x150mm
The Lucky Reptile thermo heat strip mat will allow your pet to warm up nicely when he wishes.

The thermo strip can be attached to either the bottom or the side of your terrarium.

The design of the Lucky Reptile thermo mat will reduce the risk of overheating and optimise the heat transfer from the mat.

Lucky Reptile thermo heat strip mats work by warming up the objects and animals within their effective range. They are great for creating a localised warm area and allowing you to create a heat gradient within a small terrarium or vivarium without overheating the whole enclosure.

In large enclosures they can be used along with heat bulbs to create warm spots without pushing the temperature too high.

Lucky Reptile thermo heat strip mats come in a range of sizes to suit all enclosures. The thinner and longer design of the strip makes them great for heating smaller enclosures or multiple mini enclosures.

Heat mats should cover around one third to no more than a half of your vivarium or terrarium ground space (or side wall in the case of arboreal species). This will allow your pet to thermo regulate and move out of the heat when it desires.

Heat mats should never be insulated on both sides by their surroundings. They need some air flow to one side to prevent them overheating.
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