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Livestock - Lizards
Bearded Dragon
(Pogona vitticeps) CB21 Bearded dragons are one of the most widely kept lizard species and make excellent kids pets.
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RRP - 139.99
Our Price -
99.99 (inc.VAT)
Berber Skink
(Eumeces schneideri) WC Beautiful and active lizards.
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RRP - 79.99
Our Price -
74.99 (inc.VAT)
Black and White Tegu
(Tupinambis merianae)CB21 A large and beautiful lizard with a docile temperament.
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RRP - 399.99
Our Price -
324.99 (inc.VAT)
Boscs Monitor
(Varanus exanthematicus) CF21 A medium sized monitor which can become quite tame.
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RRP - 119.99
Our Price -
99.99 (inc.VAT)
CB Golden Gecko
A beautiful little gecko, captive bred.
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RRP - 44.99
Our Price -
39.99 (inc.VAT)
Crested Gecko
(Rhacodactylus ciliatus) CB21 Very cute popular pet species.
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RRP - 87.99
Our Price -
99.99 (inc.VAT)
European Eyed Lizard
(Timon Lepidus)CB The largest European Lizard, these are hardy but need lots of room.
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RRP - 94.99
Our Price -
84.99 (inc.VAT)
Green Water Dragon
(Physignathus cocincinus) CF21 Bright green lizard. Tames easily. Good alternative to iguanas!
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RRP - 59.99
Our Price -
49.99 (inc.VAT)
Hypo Leopard Gecko
(Eublepharis macularius) CB21 The popular pet species!
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RRP - 79.99
Our Price -
59.99 (inc.VAT)
Leopard Gecko
(Eublepharis macularius) CB21 The popular pet species!
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RRP - 69.99
Our Price -
54.99 (inc.VAT)
Yemen Chameleon
(Chamaeleo calyptratus) CB21 Females £79.99, Males £94.99 The most popular chameleon species. Amazing creatures in so many ways!
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RRP - 109.99
Our Price -
79.99 (inc.VAT)
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