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Blue Lizard Reptiles is one of the largest reptile stores on the internet, and also have a large shop in South Yorkshire. We aim to provide the widest range of reptile products at great value prices.

We sell a vast range of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, along with products specifically designed to meet your reptiles needs, including reptile vivariums, reptile books, livefood, frozen food, vivarium substrates, plants, thermostats, thermometers, UV bulbs, heat bulbs, heat mats and vitamin and mineral supplements.

If you can't find what you need on our site, please email us, and we'll be happy to source it for you at our usual low prices.
VISIT OUR NEW BIGGER STORE IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE! Loads of great animals and products on display!
Top Quality Livefood only £1.59 a tub!

Amazing value and quality! Silent Crickets
Why not visit us in store?

Why not visit our amazing reptile store in Dinnington, South Yorkshire? Just 5 minutes off the M1 and M18 we have lots of reptiles, amphibians and invertabrates in store as well as a wide range of starter kits, vivariums plants, hides, substrates, thermostats, vivarium decor, livefoods, frozen foods and lots more in stock at fantastic prices.
Featured Products
ET Reptile UVB200 Compact Bulb 13w
For reptiles with very high UV requirements. The Exo Terra Reptile UVB200 emits the ideal UVB spectrum for optimal Vitamin D3 photosynthesis.
More Info

RRP - £19.99
Our Price -
£14.99 (inc.VAT)
Exo Terra Heatwave Desert Mat 20x20cm
The Desert substrate heater simulates heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. For glass terrariums only.
More Info

RRP - £17.99
Our Price -
£12.49 (inc.VAT)
Microclimate B1ME Dimmer Stat Magic Eye
Microclimate B1ME Dimmer Stat is a dimming thermostat with magic eye (for night time temperature drop control).
More Info

RRP - £71.74
Our Price -
£55.99 (inc.VAT)
Air Freshener Peter Python
Fruity scented air freshener ideal for hanging on the outside of vivariums or in the car!
More Info

RRP - £2.99
Our Price -
£2.49 (inc.VAT)
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UK Delivery £4.99
Live Food £3.99
Livestock / Frozen £15.99
On all orders over £50*(*excluding livestock/frozen)

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"Very very grateful for all your help. Excellent service!"

Joan, Kendal
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